The 3 S’s…

Working as an Athletic Trainer in my undergraduate degree program we always used the KISS principle: “Keep it Simple Stupid”. This principle can relate to most parts of our lives, especially when it comes to staying healthy. Staying healthy really is quite simple, it is our environment that makes it complicated, kids, work, the 24/7 lifestyle of being connected to the internet, phone, social media and TV that make it complicated!

So, what can you do? Not over think it, re-organize your time and make good habits! The three S’s are the best way to start:

Set goals: Write your goals and post them somewhere visible. Have a support team who helps to hold you accountable for these goals.

Schedule your time: Plan your exercise in advance. Therefore, when you set your goals attach a time to it and commit yourself to this time. Most people don’t let their bosses down and show up for work on time, don’t let yourself down and show up!

Self – monitor: Keep a journal of your activity – this has been proven to help people stay on track. There are also many online tools to help you keep track!

Let’s get Stronger and make the commitment to a healthier, stronger you! I can help you with a simple plan to get you on the right track. Reach out to me and let’s talk about you!

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